Medical Attention at Events: How Telehealth Can Solve Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can appear anytime, and the patient may need instant attention and treatment. During significant events or conferences, this situation can often arise. In this modern era, telehealth has arrived with an instant meeting between a doctor and a patient. In this blog post, we’ll look at the increasing popularity of telehealth and why it can be beneficial at events. Keep reading to learn more!

What are the different telehealth solutions available for events?

Telehealth solutions have drastically changed the event industry. As technology advances, so does the telehealth industry. Telehealth solutions now allow event organizers to provide mobile healthcare services to event attendees.

Listed below are a few of the different telehealth solutions that pop up at events today:

Telehealth: Telehealth refers to using technology to deliver healthcare to distant patients. For example, patients attending an event can consult their doctor through telehealth and monitor their vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels. You may even find telehealth orthodontics to consult about dental discomfort if you have any.

Telemedicine: Telemedicine uses two-way audio and video communication between healthcare providers and patients. It is ideal for minor emergencies like fevers, rashes, and allergic reactions.

Mobile Health Services: It is utilized to provide healthcare and health education to attendees at events. Healthcare professionals from hospitals, clinics, or emergency units usually provide mobile health services. Mobile health services are generally used at festivals, concerts, and community events.

Mobile health kiosks: This healthcare solution allows the organizers to deliver healthcare at events. This is ideal for patients who need immediate medical attention. Mobile health kiosks provide on-site healthcare for patients and do not require them to go to the clinic to get healthcare physically.

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Benefits of telehealth solutions at events

  • Event organizers can offer telehealth solutions at their events to improve their overall guest experience.
  • Organizers can set up kiosks in the main convention hall, staffed with nurses who provide virtual care for attendees. It can help the attendees manage their symptoms while at the event.
  • In addition, telehealth solutions can ensure that attendees get the care they need without missing any of the events or sessions.
  • They can also help attendees remain comfortable while managing their symptoms.

Use of telehealth at events

Event planners can incorporate telehealth into events in several ways, and you can follow some of them below:

Event organizers can introduce telehealth at events by connecting with attendees and speakers remotely. Virtual and augmented reality are new telehealth technologies that can be used at events.
Attendees can continue using the telehealth app to connect with their physician, nurse, or clinician during scheduled sessions.
Additionally, attendees can set up appointments with their healthcare providers if they receive medical advice that requires a follow-up visit.
If attendees are sick, the telehealth app can also help them find nearby urgent care facilities, which might not be convenient for them if they travel or have to travel far.


These days, organizers plan big-budget events that include telehealth and other emergency facilities for the guests’ comfort. Many telehealth softwares are available now to serve on immediate calls. If you plan to host an event in the upcoming days, consider incorporating telehealth services.

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