Metal Manufacturing In The Entertainment Industry

Innovative features are vital in the entertainment sector. We strive to build and innovate solutions for all industries we serve. Even while attending a vast entertainment event or viewing a Hollywood film, welding and fabrication are critical technical components that are frequently overlooked. In this area, one of our fondest works has been a bespoke tilting floor for a dance group in Los Angeles. Fabricators can do this in a variety of methods, including using specific tools on a press brake or a separate machine entirely, such as a panel bender or folder. The floor was made of three big decks that were slanted with the music. So that the performers could dance without having to worry about maintaining their balance. We fabricated the whole floor, including the supporting structure. The tilting mechanism was fully hydraulic – an amazing feat of engineering!

Some Metal Manufacturing capabilities include:

Precision CNC Machining:

We can produce components with tight tolerances and the highest level of accuracy with small-scale precision machining that gives you high-quality products in a shorter time frame.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining:

CNC is a process for executing machine operations via computer control. This allows us to create uniform, precise components quickly and efficiently without sacrificing material or time.

Robotic Arc Welding:

We offer robotic arc/ welding for large metal products with highly accurate welds of consistent quality. This is especially useful for production runs that require quick turnaround times or complex geometries. These capabilities give you the added convenience of extensive design support during every phase.

High-Speed Machining:

High-Speed Machining is a process that makes working with metals more accessible and more efficient. The machine can be programmed to mill or drill at breakneck speeds, allowing for clean, smooth finishes in a short amount of time.


Here is an example: we built a whole robot for the entertainment industry. It was a fight scene in an action film set in 2013 (DARPA funded that). Several robots were fighting each other. They used aluminum and steel parts on some of the joints, and we provided those joint components. The robots had to be lightweight. So they didn’t weigh down what they were supposed to carry and move with ease. We fabricated all the necessary components so that every joint on these vast machines could move quickly and precisely!

All of our work is done right here in California, near Hollywood movie studios, dance troupes, and theaters. We’re proud supporters of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, and we’re always on the lookout for great work!

Whatever your entertainment project requires, from movie prop manufacture to customized set design, our entertainment industry professionals are skilled in custom fabricating, welding, and machining any entertainment project to meet your exact specifications. We can also assist with engineering, new components, and prototyping.

We specialize in various projects requiring metal fabrication, such as set design, props & decor for theaters and stage events; entertainment industry machine parts such as hydraulic cylinders and valves; large-scale equipment such as platforms and locations. There is no project we couldn’t handle, and you can be sure that all of our metal fabrication projects are done quickly and affordably.