Minnesota’s Top Interior Design Firms


Real estate agencies like Excelsior Realty help their clients by providing the best house in a secure area at an affordable price. But are the house and price the only factors that make a house worth living in? Is exterior the only factor deciding the beauty of a house?

Interior design is what makes a house look ethereal and beautiful. Other than real estate interior design is also what ensures that the house is attractive enough to garner more reviews and customers. The interior design calls for quality and sheer creativity and this is what leads to premium house quality. The quality of interior design services and home decoration ideas depends on the interior designing company.

A good interior design is based on innovative products and ideas that will be able to gain profit in the innovative market. This can all be possible through professional management and a clear growth strategy as well. The interior design companies in Minnesota which follow these ethics are included in the list given below so do check them out as well.

top interior design firms

Top Interior Design Firms In Minnesota:


  • Andrew Fleshers Interiors:

This interior designing firm operates in both Minnesota and New York. They are highly recommended by the people who took their services. They are well known for their exceptional customized residential, and commercial projects not only in the United States but worldwide as well. Their unique design of the interior starts from a classical farmhouse to a modern European home design as well. The most unique of the project that has been completed by them includes the modern neoclassical which will give out a peaceful aesthetic vibe. They have been featured in well-known home n decor magazines and will be happy to provide you with the best of services.

  • Carriage House Studio:

This company is Minnesota’s exclusive go-to boutique design studio. Alongside interior designing, they also provide services like home decoration and house renovation as well. They always listen to every of the design taste and preferences of the clients before they put their opinion. Their work will include the combination of both the client’s wish and the designer’s creativity. They are extra careful in choosing the materials and objects and designs for the house. From product shipment to tracking of the work, they ensure professional project management.

  • Che Bella Interiors:

Although they mostly deal with home remodeling their aesthetic design is also something to look after. From choosing the flooring material to selecting the wallpaper they deal with every nook and corner of the interior design. Their prime projects include the basic remodeling of the house alongside bathroom and kitchen remodeling. However, their basement finishing service, i.e. turning your basement into a new space is also praiseworthy. The most unique aspect of their service is their selection of materials. They will listen and give priority to their client’s preferences, but they will ensure the material quality is perfect.


Having a sweet and cozy home provides inner peace but proper interior design provides peace to the eyes. It also helps with making a positive impact on society hence it is important to keep some interior designers list noted alongside real estate agents.