The Ultimate List of Compliance Conferences and Events

Are you looking for the latest events in compliance? This ultimate list covers the essential industry conferences to smaller regional meetups and association gatherings. Check out these must-attend regulatory change management conferences and events.


Regulation technology, or regtech, is a relatively new term for regulation. It is about using technology to improve regulatory compliance and reporting efficiency. Regtech solution helps businesses to mitigate the risks involved with compliance. It holds annual conferences to educate and reward companies that use AI and other technologies to keep track and adhere to compliance regulations. The virtual Regtech Summit is scheduled for November 9nth to 10nth, 2021. The summit will discuss the latest technological developments and how they impact compliance.

The conference is a must-attend for those interested in regtech. It also brings together industry leaders from the tech world to discuss their experiences adopting new technologies into their businesses.

Compliance and Risk Management

The Compliance & Risk Management Summit is a yearly event that brings together industry leaders from the finance world to discuss risk management practices. The summit has been held every year since 2012 and holds an annual conference in London and different events all over Europe, including Dublin, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Paris, and Berlin.

This kind of event brings people with specific knowledge together to discuss the latest developments in their fields. It provides those interested with a chance to network and learn from one another. The Forrester security and risk summit is scheduled for November 9-10 in Washington DC. The conference is aimed at security and risk professionals. It offers attendees the opportunity to interact with speakers, sponsors, and others in their field while sharing information about best practices in the industry.

Fintech and Financial Innovation

The fintech industry is an emerging market that has the potential to revolutionize finance. The summit offers a platform for innovative minds to discuss their ideas and help improve compliance standards within the sector. Attendees can expect to interact with speakers as well as other professionals in their field. The Fearless in Fintech virtual event will be held from December 7nth to 8nth, 2021. It focuses on the latest developments in fintech and how companies can improve their services to meet compliance standards. The event is aimed at professionals within finance, entrepreneurship, investment management, technology firms, and other relevant fields.

Law firms and corporate counsels

The Compliance, Risk & Investigations conference is a yearly event for law firms and corporate counsels. It offers attendees the opportunity to connect with their peers while sharing information about legal practices in general. The annual conference features speakers who talk about some of the latest developments in compliance management and other relevant topics such as cyber security or crisis communications. The legal week is scheduled for January 31st to February 3, 2022, in London. The virtual conference focuses on the latest developments in compliance, risk & investigations, and how legal professionals can excel in their field by using new technologies and tools.